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Anonymous asked: My penis is 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. I am a virgin and im pretty self conscious about my body and scared that if i show a girl my penis, i will get laughed at. I dont have a problem getting girls to the bed, its just closing the deal. Should i be concerned? Am I a good size? -Hundo

Nobody will laugh at a penis that size, which is a bit above average.

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redheadsissycuckold asked: So I've got a 5" erect cock and I talked my gf into letting me use a 8" dildo on her. After she got comfortable with it she prefers it over mine. She moans and squirts more with it then I can ever get her to.

I’m happy for you!

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whiterussell1992 asked: Do you think black cock is bigger? And is it weird that I would love to be humiliated and be outed about my dick and a woman make me do stuff to make me realize how small I am

Perhaps on average, but dicks of all colours come in all shapes and sizes.

If it was weird that you wanted that to happen then I wouldn’t have so many followers!

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Anonymous asked: I'm 7" x 5.5", is that small?

I wish people would quit asking questions like this.

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Anonymous asked: How good is for a girl squirting while riding a cock?

It’s pretty good, I won’t deny it.

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Anonymous asked: Once I realized the extent a man will go to compensate for a small penis [success in business, flashy cars, and so on] I understood the kind of power a woman could wield over him with only a modicum of shaming. I thought this was my fantasy alone, to force a small dicked man to do ridiculous things for my amusement, debase himself for my pleasure. I am glad to know I am not completely alone.

Sounds like a lot of my followers would be very happy to meet you!

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Anonymous asked: How do I submit to you?

Getting on your knees is a good start.

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Anonymous asked: I love that your friend let you write his friends and announce his tiny dick. If they try to guess who it is and he goes red they will think that he wrote it himself. Hahahah. Then they'll know he's a dirty perv and a half-man. Super sexy. All of your stories rock my world. I hope you never stop posting them.

Thank you very much.  As long as they turn me on I’ll keep posting.

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Like a good girl
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Anonymous asked: Shortly after a break-up, I agreed to follow orders and do all kinds of kinky stuff on webcam for a group of people including one woman who's a close friend of mine. I'm about average (5.5") but a guy came in who was probably half an inch longer, and my friend said since he was so much bigger, I had to jerk off with just my thumb and one finger. Everyone laughed. It was unbelievably hot. I only wish they'd made me wear panties. Would you be entertained by something like that?

By watching it?  Not really.  It might be fun to take part in though.

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Anonymous asked: This may sound like a dumb question, but I need to know the truth. I keep hearing bigger is better, how girls have been lying to us about the size issue in the past. My problem is I don't know if I can believe my girlfriend anymore, it's confusing. I'm almost 6 inches, think I can fuck well, plus she tells me I'm a good lover, and that she likes my dick alot. But, it's hard to get her in the mood, unless we're watching porn. Makes me think she lied, that I'm too little for her, she needs more???

I’m shaking my head reading this, honestly.  Your girlfriend tells you you’re a good lover and that she likes your dick, but when you find it difficult to get her in the mood you assume she’s just lying.  Why don’t you start trusting that she’s telling you the truth, then work on being romantic, try figuring out the things that do get her in the mood and take it from there Casanova? 

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Anonymous asked: If a small dicked guy said you could do WHATEVER you wanted with him, what would it be? Do you have fantasies more extreme than you've previously been able to enact? Would you want to publicly out a small guy? Make him wear a small penis shirt in public? Force him to kiss the cock of a larger man? Make him write a letter to his best friend confessing he had a bad dick?

SPH only really gets me off if it gets the guy off as well.  Kissing a bigger cock or writing a letter to his best friend would probably be way beyond the pale for most guys, but there is plenty of fun to be had.  I think I spoke before about a guy who let me email a group of his female friends anonymously to tell them that one of their male friends had a tiny dick.  I wouldn’t tell them directly, but the fact that they all knew him narrowed it down and there were other hidden clues which could have lead them to find out who he was if they were sleuthy enough.  That was deliciously fun and I know he was a ball of nerves and arousal for weeks afterwards. 

I’d like to take that a bit further and just announce the guys name, but never respond, so the girls just receive an anonymous tip-off, but can’t be sure if it’s true without checking.

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